"How much is an OSC Membership?"

$25/year, all memberships expire annually on 12/31.  Membership is required to participate in all OSC sports & activities, with the exception of certain social events which are specifically announced prior. 

"The ________ page won't load" or "the site gets stuck when i'm trying to....."

Some web browsers aren't friendly to sites such as ours, built on a content-system known as DNN.   FireFox is the usual problem.   Try using Internet Explorer or Chrome.  If you are a Mac/Apple user, Safari is a proven way to go.

You might want to also try the following quick fixes when having problems with this & other websites:
1.  Clear Cache - typically found in your browser's Preferences, under Security, Privacy, or Advanced sections.

“I'm logged in to the site with my username & password, but I can only see Membership items in the Store.  What's up with that?"

Your Membership is not current.   Purchase or renew your membership first, then you'll be able to see (& sign-up for) other sport/activities in the Store.

"I'm trying to pay for my sport & membership in the same transaction, but It won't let me… I'm not a member yet..."

Sorry for the inconvenience, but this is by design:  Non-current members will need to do their membership transaction first, then return to the Store.  Once a member, you will be able to see all sport/activities & can sign up freely. 

 "PayPal won't take my credit/debit card" or “When I got to the PayPal payment page, I selected 'Don't have a PayPal account' & tried to pay with my debit/credit card, but it wouldn’t go through…”

1.  Be sure you are entering the correct billing address for the card - PayPal uses this info to confirm you are really you.

2.  Do you actually have a PayPal account & that card is on the account?  We’ve found that when a credit/debit card is associated with an existing PayPal account, and you try to use that card without logging as a PayPal user, PayPal will stop the transaction. (This is actually a good thing, because it is protecting you from possible fraudulent use of the card).

A - Select "Use my PayPal Account" to use said card, and follow through to complete your payment.

"I forgot my username and/or password”

Go to http://www.omahasportsclub.com/lost,  then select either the “forgot username?” or “retrieve password” link. The info will be emailed to you at the email address you've provided on your OSC profile.

"How do I update my address/email/phone numbers with the club?"

Log-in with your username/password at http://www.omahasportsclub.com.  On the home page, right side, select "Update your profile/contact info".  This is also a good opportunity to review OSC interests too!

“I never get any emails from Omaha Sports Club. Shouldn’t I…?”

Go to the profile page and make sure your email address is correct.  Also, make sure your email program is not blocking emails from omahasportsclub.com.

"I get the message 'Access Denied. You do not have access to…' "

 If you see this message, it is likely to due to an expired membership.  Please select “Join OSC” from blue menu bar, make your membership payment transaction, then return to Store. You will then have access inside the Store to make your purchase/signup.