OSC History

In 1940, 125 Union Pacific employees formed the Union Pacific Skating Club. That organization evolved over the years to become the Omaha Sports Club in 1953. Today, the Omaha Sports Club includes year-round social and sport activities and includes approximately 1000 members.

The not-for-profit Omaha Sports Club is governed by elected officers and a Board of Directors, all of whom serve as volunteers. A small annual membership gives members the opportunity to enjoy activities with friends and meet new acquaintances, and provides each member with a copy of our monthly newsletter, the Omaha Sportscaster, which keeps members up-to-date on all club activities and events.

Some of the many sports leagues include Darts (301 & Cricket), Golf, Volleyball (indoor co-ed, men's, women's, and sand), Bowling, Softball, Tennis, 8- & 9-ball Pool, and many others. Sports activities include all skill levels of play, either with various league levels in a sport or with members of all skill levels on each team. Social activities and excursions include such things as Friday Happy Hours, Holiday Parties, Beer & Chili Party, baseball & football excursions, Ski Trips, Hiking & Biking, Canoe Trips, and many other trips and excursions. New social events are added regularly as members express interest.