Welcome to the 2017 Omaha Sports Club Golf Season.  

Golf sign ups start March 15th

The Omaha Sports Club has four weekday evening golf leagues and two weekday morning leagues.

Monday morning at Spring Lake G.C.

Tuesday night at Eagle Run G.C. 

Wednesday night at Shoreline G.C.

Thursday morning at Field Club C.C.

Thursday night at Westwood Heights G.C.

Friday night at Elmwood G.C.

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Golf News


As mentioned last month, changes were made to a couple of leagues. The Tuesday league moved to LaVista Falls Golf Course and Thursday league moved to Westwood Heights Golf Course.

Another change in 2010 not mentioned was the multiple leagues discount, mainly because of the complications of setup for online payments. Frankly, I couldn't see a reason to give the discount for paying through the mail, since most believe that online payment will be a thing of the future for our club.The golf sign up party was last month (March 28). It seemed like the place to have a golf party; playing the screen is so much fun. It's great to have the "beer cart" so close to play, nice to be inside and out of extreme weather, and it's nice to play 18 holes without losing any golf balls (but real golf is still better).

One last note worth mentioning… Our May scramble (the season opener) will be held at Fox Run Golf Course, in Council Bluffs. It's funny that we've traveled at many courses within an hour's drive of Omaha and we've never played Fox Run. 
Here's an online special: The 22nd person to pay for the May scramble online shall win a dozen Titlest golf balls. Look for details in this article (and online).
1. The Omaha Sports Club offers a "half-year membership rate" for $15; that's March 1 through Sept. 10, 2010. It will be much easier for me to "check" if you are a member when playing in the scrambles, thanks to the OSC webmaster.
2. Pay your membership dues, your league fees and your scramble fees online when you sign up (and log in) at: WWW.OMAHASPORTSCLUB.COM and make your payments with the swipe of the card. Please note: these are separate transactions.
3. New in 2010 … Deadline to sign up for all leagues is: April 30.
The "fine print" for golf sign ups: 
1. All players sign up for our leagues individually and the league starter for each league will group players into teams. (Spouses or couples can request to be on the same team, but it’s not guaranteed). Tee times aren’t fixed each week, you play when you show up (within the allotted tee time span). You play with other OSC golfers that sign in the clubhouse at the OSC table or the league manager pairs people up, when you arrive. But we still keep score and tally everyone's scores each week for standings.
2. All golfers pay for league fees in advance. You get 15 or 16 weeks of golf (depending on the league), year-end prizes and a golf-banquet after the season has ended (in mid September). All league golfers are invited, (not just winners).
3. All sign-ups begin March 1, with the March Sportscaster issue. Sorry no phone applications or IOUs, but please call me if you have any questions.
4. A 50 percent deposit (minimum) per person is required with each mail-in application and the balance is due on the first week of play. (No refunds after the first week of play unless there are others waiting to fill the spot). 
5. Some leagues have a limit to the number of applications, I will try to get everyone in the league they want, but it’s first come, first served.
Deadline is April 30.
6. The most important rule… You must be a member of the Omaha Sports Club. If you aren’t a member, please make it easy on me and write separate checks when you sign up. Or pay online. If you were a member last year and haven’t renewed, we still need a signed membership application for the 2010 season (I will hunt you down if you don't). This includes subs, too.
7. Regular season league golfers that can’t play during their scheduled league nights are required to find a “substitute” golfer. I might suggest that you use a fellow OSC member on our "Sub List." A sub list is given to all league golfers on the first week of league play. (See your league starter for all subbing details).
8. Subs are allowed to play a maximum of eight weeks through the entire year, no more.
Monday: Sunset Valley CC. Location: 9300 Arbor St. Tee Times: 5:15 - 5:45ish. Cost: $252 (or $126 x 2).
League Starts: Monday, May 3.
Par 35, 9-hole course. Sunset Valley has reopened their doors to the Omaha Sports Club once again on Mondays. As far as country clubs are concerned, Sunset Valley CC is Omaha's best kept secret. It's flat, yet challenging. A 15-week league with room for 24 golfers.
Tuesday: LaVista Falls Golf Course. Location: 8305 Park View Blvd., LaVista. Tee Time: 4:45. Cost: $169 (or $84.50 x 2).
League Starts: Tuesday, May 4. 
We're moving from Spring Lake GC to LaVista Falls. A par 31, 9-hole course. (with 2 or 3 killer holes). This is a great beginning for an existing league. Room for 24 golfers.
Wednesday: Shoreline Golf Course. Location: 5th & Locust (in Carter Lake). Tee Time: 5:00. Cost: $218 (or $109 x 2).
League Starts: Wednesday, May 5. 
Shoreline is an 18-hole track. League golfers alternate the front nine and the back nine each month during the season. A 16-week league with room for 24 golfers.
Thursday: Westwood Heights Golf Course. Location: 129th & West Center Road. Tee Time: 5:00. Cost: $190 (or $95 x 2).
League Starts: Thursday, May 6. 
We've relocated on Thursday night (again), moving from LaVista to Westwood Heights. This 3-par layout will reward good shots and provide a fun golf outing for everyone. A great social league and more places to eat afterwards. Room for 16 golfers.
Friday: Elmwood Park Golf Course. Location: 63rd & Pacific St. (in the park). Tee Times: 4:00 – 5:30. Cost: $224 (or $112 x 2).
League Starts: Friday, May 7. 
Our largest league with room for 100 golfers. We utilize the whole course on Friday nights playing on the front and back nines each week. A great way to start the weekend. 
Sunday: Email group (golfing with e-mail alerts only). Sundays sometime between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. 
First Week: Sunday, May 2.
I’ll make a tee time to play 18 holes somewhere different each week. Tee times are made one week in advance for a group of 16 (4 tee times). 
Each Monday a “broadcast e-mail” is sent to everyone that signs up for the Sunday group. The first 16 people that reply to that e-mail play, then a waiting list is formed. 
Golfers are responsible for his/her own green fees (and cart fees if riding). An e-mail address is the only requirement for easy contact and tee time conformation. Bring a friend, so he/she can see what the OSC is all about.
We had 85 names on that email list last year. Or, add your name to my email list for information on our monthly scrambles, too.

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2017 Scrambles

OSC Golf Scramble #1

 Northridge Country Club… Tekamah, NE

 Saturday, May 20th, 2017… 9:00am Shotgun Start

$42 w/ Cart    10 team limit

Click Here for details

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