Welcome to the 2019 Omaha Sports Club Golf Season.  

The Omaha Sports Club has four weekday evening golf leagues and two weekday morning leagues.

Monday morning at Spring Lake G.C.

Tuesday night at Eagle Run G.C. 

Wednesday night at Tregaron G.C.

Thursday morning at Field Club C.C.

Thursday night at Westwood Heights G.C.

Friday night at Elmwood G.C.

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2019 OSC Golf Season - April

Golf league signups must be in the store or received by April 13!!! Please pay special attention to starting dates and times as specified below in the league summary. Eagle Run begins a week earlier than the other courses!


You must be a member of Omaha Sports Club (OSC) to play in an OSC golf league, sub in an OSC golf league, or participate in an OSC golf outing. Those signing up for leagues, to sub, or for an outing will be checked against membership rolls for membership verification. A one-time $20 Golf Registration fee will be charged for all league participants. Multiple league participants will only pay the registration fee once. The fee will not be charged for subs or for outings. However, sub-only and outing-only players will not be eligible for league prizes and will be charged to attend the year-end banquet. All outings will be separate from leagues and not require the registration fee. Sub fees will either be $10 or $8 depending on the course. OSC will again offer six leagues on Monday through Friday as detailed below. Five scramble format outings are also scheduled.


Golf league signups are available in the store until April 12 and in the April Sportscaster. The store will allow you to pay for multiple leagues at the same time. However, the registration fee must be paid separately first, before you can access and pay for any league. If you pay by check, please clearly mark the form at the end of the Sportscaster article and mail with your check payable to Omaha Sports Club to:  Kevin Adams, 6426 S. 92ndStreet, Omaha, NE 68127. Signups will be taken and filled on a “first come, first serve” basis. Please do not delay in signing up. 


Please note the following two very important changes:

1.    The Tuesday Eagle Run golf course charges by the tee time, not per player. Therefore, sign-ups will be cut off at increments of four to completely fill a tee time. Otherwise, we have to pay for four players even if there are only one to three players occupying that tee time. As previously stated, signups will be filled on a “first come, first serve” basis.

2.    The Wednesday Shoreline league has been replaced by a Wednesday Tregaron league. Participation at Shoreline has significantly declined the last couple of years and several complaints about Shoreline’s treatment of the OSC league last year were received. An opportunity arose at a different course. So, in an effort to boost participation in the Wednesday league, it will be played at Tregaron golf course this year. Tregaron has agreed to let the OSC league alternate between the back nine and the front nine throughout the season. Hopefully, this will work out for all those that played last year and other golfers will sign up or return.


Those interested in subbing in other leagues or subbing only, please email your interest to golf@omahasportsclub.comwith your name, the league(s) you are interested in subbing on, an email address, and a phone number where you can be reached by league participants looking for a sub. You can also use the previously mentioned form and mail to the same address. Subs are required to pay the league manager at the time they are subbing and must indicate who they are subbing for to allow proper score keeping. Exact sub fees are greatly appreciated.  Please do not show up to play if you have not been contacted to sub. This could violate the terms of the agreements and contracts OSC has with the individual golf courses.



2019 League Summary:

Spring Lake (up to 20 golfers), league manager: Diana Spencer

Mondays, starting at 9:30 am, beginning Apr 29

Cost: $202 (Senior Rate, 55 and over, $162) (16 weeks)


Eagle Run (up to 32 golfers), league manager: Sue Spencer

Tuesdays, starting at 4:30 pm, beginning Apr 23

Cost: $245 (23 weeks) (Note: final year end results will be determined from 16 weeks of actual league play, no rain out / make up dates)


Tregaron (up to 32 golfers), league manager: Jeff Kurtz

Wednesdays, starting at 4:30 pm, beginning May 1

Cost: $234 (16 weeks)


Field Club (up to 32 golfers), league manager: Ollie Pierce

Thursdays, starting at 9:00 am, beginning May 2

Cost: $250 (16 weeks)


Westwood (up to 24 golfers), league manager: Diana Spencer

Thursdays, starting at 5:15 pm, beginning May 2

Cost: $194 (Senior Rate, 55 and over, $162) (16 weeks)


Elmwood (up to 36 golfers), league manager: Sandy Martin

Fridays, starting at 4:30 pm, beginning May 3

Cost: $269 (16 weeks)



Please use the following form to sign up if you prefer not to use the website and store. A similar signup is available in the store and can be printed from there.




NAME:  _____________________________________________________________________

PHONE: _____________________________________________________________________

EMAIL: _____________________________________________________________________

REGISTRATION FEE ($20):                                                                                                $__________


Spring Lake ($202 or $162 seniors)                                                               $__________  

Eagle Run ($245)                                                                                            $__________  

Tregaron ($234)                                                                                              $__________  

Field Club ($250)                                                                                            $__________  

Westwood ($194 or $162 seniors)                                                                  $__________  

Elmwood ($269)                                                                                             $__________  


                                                                                                Total               $__________  


And / Or

I am interested in subbing in the following leagues with payment to be made the night of subbing:

Spring Lake ($8/event)            _________      Eagle Run ($10/event)__________    

Tregaron ($10/event)               _________      Field Club ($10/event)__________    

Westwood ($8/event)              _________      Elmwood ($10/event)              __________    

Make check payable to Omaha Sports Club and mail to:

Kevin Adams

6426 S. 92ndStreet

Omaha, NE  68127


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2019 Scrambles

Be sure to mark your calendars for the following tentatively scheduled outings: 

Sat May 18 Northridge at Tekemah
Sat Jun 29 Tregaron
Sat Jul 27 Hidden Valley in Lincoln
Sat Aug 24 Red Oak,
Sweater Day Sun Sep 29 Willow Lakes

Details provided at later dates.

Golf Events

Event StartTitleDescription
7/27/2019 9:00 AM Hidden Valley Golf Outing July Scramble at Hidden Valley GC in Lincoln

8/24/2019 9:00 AM Red Oak Golf Outing August Scramble at Red Oak CC in Red Oak, IA

9/29/2019 9:00 AM Willow Lakes Golf Outing Sweater Day Scramble at Willow Lakes GC in Bellevue

2019 League results

Eagle Run Results June 11, 2019  Click Here

Elmwood Results July 5, 2019 - Click Here

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