Welcome to the 2020 Omaha Sports Club Golf Season.  

The Omaha Sports Club has four weekday evening golf leagues and two weekday morning leagues.

Monday morning at Spring Lake G.C.

Tuesday night at Eagle Run G.C. 

Wednesday night at Tregaron G.C.

Thursday morning at Field Club C.C.

Thursday night at Westwood Heights G.C.

Friday night at Elmwood G.C.

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Golf News


2019 OSC Golf Season - November


The Sweater Day golf outing at Willow Lakes was initially rained out and had to be postponed one week. It was completed on October 6th on a cool cloudy day, but it didn’t rain! Thirteen teams competed in three flights. The winning team in the C flight with a score of 76 was Glen Mears, Kaiya Mears, Gene Hug, and Sharalyn Clark. The second-place team in the C flight with a score of 78 and winning on the first hole tie-breaker was Carol Bruner, Diana Spencer, Bob Boicourt, and Dick Uran. Another team shot a 76, but by winning the first hole tie-breaker, they were placed in the B flight. The winning team in the B flight with a score of 73 was Phyllis Fleer, Linda Svatora, Lou Secora, and Linda Williams. The second-place team in the B flight with a score of 74 was Ollie Pierce, Marion Pierce, Brad Coe, and Candy Coe. The winning team in the A flight with a score of 66 was Kevin Wills, Zach McIntyre, Jim Mailhot, and Joyce Stoural. The second-place team in the A flight with a score of 68 and winning on the eleventhhole tie-breaker was Steve Heinz, Saima Rahmanzai, Mike Richards, and Nancy Gilliland.

Flag prizes were given on 18 holes. Flag prize winners were Kevin Wills, Brian Barton (2), Kaiya Mears (2), Hazel Arnott, Rita White, Dave Koebel, Dave Hiatt, Carol Bruner, Diana Spencer, Saima Rahmanzai, Jeff Kurtz (2), Brad Coe (2), Sharalyn Clark, and Bob Swatek. Thanks to all who signed up played in the 2019 outings. Congratulations once more to Lois Dorn and Jim Mailhot for their aces this year.


The year-end league banquet was held October 8 at the Bel Air Banquet Hall. Thanks to league managers Diana Spencer, Sue Spencer, Jeff Kurtz, Ollie Pierce, and Sandy Martin. Results for the leagues are as follows:


Spring Lake. The first place “team” was Pat Martinson.


Eagle Run. The first-place team was Andy Rhylander, Lou Secora, Carol Johnson, Alex Bleyhl, Janie Harting, and Keith Pedersen.


Tregaron. The first-place team was Saima Rahmanzai and Will McNamara. The second-place team was Nancy Gilliland and Ollie Pierce.


Field Club. The winner in the men’s division was Lou Secora. Second in the men’s division was Brad Coe. The winner in the women’s division was Pat Martinson. Second in the women’s division was Carol Bruner.


Westwood Heights. The first-place team was Pat Casey and Linda Svatora. The second-place team was Bobbie Greenspan and Cindee Adams.


Elmwood. The first-place team was Gene Hug, Diana Spencer, Bobbie Greenspan, Mary Ann Soltis, and Jim Graver.


Barb Fulbright has volunteered to become the 2020 season golf chairperson. Thanks Barb!

We still need a new league manager for the Wednesday Tregaron league.  If you are interested or have questions, please contact

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