Welcome to the 2020 Omaha Sports Club Golf Season.  

The Omaha Sports Club has four weekday evening golf leagues and two weekday morning leagues.

Monday morning at Spring Lake G.C.

Tuesday night at Eagle Run G.C. 

Wednesday night at Tregaron G.C.

Thursday morning at Field Club C.C.

Thursday night at Westwood Heights G.C.

Friday night at Elmwood G.C.

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 2020 OSC Golf Season

Well a lot has happened since my last article (which I wrote in February)… The COVID-19 virus has taken over our lives, at home and at work. Seems the only thing we can do is golf with extra precautions placed on how a golf course operates. But there seems little threat outside, especially if we are practicing social distancing (easier for me because I’m never in the fairway).

We had planned for a May start but the sign up numbers in March were low and the concern of the virus has grown. Social distancing seems to help stop the spread and that’s somewhat easy to do on a golf course when you maintain a 6-foot distance.

All of the Omaha Sports Club golf leagues will start the first week in June (and prices will be updated to reflect that). Those that have paid already will get a partial refund sometime this year.

As mentioned last month one of the more important items of concern for Golf; The Omaha Sports Club will no longer be paying the transaction fees for online purchases. Our treasurer reported at our last board meeting that the Sports Club paid over $2,500 in transaction fees in 2019. Those fees are fees all businesses pay for online transactions and it was agreed that each sport pay for these fees. So in turn the fees are given to the consumer to pay (the golfers) for all the leagues. So I guess that’s price of doing business (the price of a convenience). To make playing golf more affordable or to keep golfers from leaving the club, you still have the option to pay-by-mail (the old fashioned way) to avoid paying that extra $5-$8 per transaction fee.

As it was mentioned last year, the Tuesday night at Eagle Run charges by the tee time, not per player. Therefore, sign-ups will be cut off at increments of four to completely fill a tee time. One other note: Elmwood Golf Course will have no play on July 3rd.

Here are the most important guidelines for playing golf. You must be a member of Omaha Sports Club (OSC) to participate in any OSC golf league, sub in any OSC golf leagues, and/or play in any OSC golf outings. Those signing up for leagues, to sub, or for an outing will be checked against membership roles for membership verification.

As before: there is a one-time $20 Golf Registration fee will be charged for all league participants. Multiple league participants will only pay the registration fee once. The fee will not be charged for subs or for outings. However (as before) golfers that are subs only will not be eligible for league prizes and will be charged to attend the year-end banquet. 

All outings will be separate from leagues and not require the registration fee. Sub fees have not yet been determined… OSC will again offer six leagues on Monday through Friday as detailed below. Five scramble format outings are also scheduled (but nothing booked yet).

The OSC store will allow you to pay for multiple leagues at the same time. However, the registration fee must be paid separately first before you can access and pay for any league.

If you pay by check, please clearly mark on the form at the end of this article and mail with your check payable to: Omaha Sports Club and mail to: 

Gene Hug, 12717 Marinda Street, Omaha, NE  68144.

Signups will be taken and filled on a first come basis. Please do not delay in signing up. First week of play will be the first Full-Week of June and the Deadline to signup will be May 22nd !!

Those interested in subbing in other leagues or subbing only, please email your interest to golf@omahasportsclub.comwith your name, the league(s) you are interested in subbing on and contact information to where you can be reached by league participants looking for a sub (or use the signup form). Subs are required to pay the league manager each night they sub and indicate whom they are subbing for. Please do not show up to play if you have not been contacted to sub or league manager. This could violate the terms of the agreements and contracts OSC has with the individual golf courses.


Spring Lake G.C. (12 weeks)

Mondays, starting at 9:30 am, beginning June 1st

Cost Online: $159.00 (Senior Rate, 55 and over, $128.00)

Cost by Mail: $154.00 (Senior Rate, 55 and over, $124.00) 


Eagle Run G.C. (19 weeks)

Tuesdays, starting at 4:30 pm, beginning June 2nd

Cost Online: $212.00, Cost by Mail: $205.00 

 (Note: results determined after 12 weeks)


Tregaron G.C. (12 weeks)

Wednesdays, starting at 4:30 pm, beginning June 3rd

Cost Online: $184.00, Cost by Mail: $178.00 


Field Club C.C. (12-weeks)

Thursdays, starting at 9:00 am, beginning June 4th

Cost Online: $196.00, Cost by Mail: $190.00 


Westwood G.C. (12-weeks)

Thursdays, starting at 5:15 pm, beginning June 4th

Cost Online: $147.00 (Senior Rate, 55 and over, $122.00)

Cost by Mail: $142.00 (Senior Rate, 55 and over, $118.00)              


Elmwood G.C. (12 weeks)

Fridays, starting at 4:45 pm, beginning June 5th

Cost Online: $221.00, Cost by Mail: $214.00 


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2020 Scrambles

As of February 29th no scramble events have been scheduled, but here are the dates I'm hoping to schedule.: 

May 30th 2020 - Riverwilds GC
June 2020 - TBD
July 2020 - TBD
August 2020 - TBD
Sweater Day - TBD

Details updated as events are booked.


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