Omaha Sports Club fields teams in the city's softball league (managed by UBA), playing on Sundays at Kelly Fields, 120th & Fort.
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The Omaha Sports Club softball team is about one month into its season, at the end of May, our record is 3 wins and 1 loss. The single loss was a close one to a team that is still undefeated. 

I like how our team is playing so far this season. On offense, we have hitters throughout the lineup who consistently get on base. We don’t have a ton of power in our lineup, but we do have several players who can occasionally hit one out of the park. As the weather warms up, an we get into June, I expect to see us start to hit a few homers. 

We also have a fair amount of speed in our lineup. This is especially useful in slow pitch softball. Because the bases are only 60 feet apart, fast, aggressive baserunning can really disrupt the opposing defense. We honestly get a lot of runs by running when it looks like we shouldn’t.

But as good as our offense can be, I think our real key to winning is how we play defense. And we generally do that well. It is rec-league softball, so there are always going to be a few errors, but I think we make fewer than most teams. 

We have above average players at several positions, and our outfield is one of the best in the league. One of our greatest strengths on defense is that we play intelligently. A lot of us have been playing together for several years, and that experience has allowed us to learn how to play well as a unit. We all know our roles, and this leads to good positioning and good decision making. Sometimes the best play in slow pitch softball is the throw you don’t make. 

June will be a busy month for us, with 5 games scheduled. Based on the current records of the teams we will be playing against, we should win more that we lose this month. There is one game against a team that is currently undefeated which could be quite a showdown. It should be a lot of fun.

We play on Sunday nights at Kelley Fields at 123rdand Fort. Here is a link to the standings and schedule  Come out and watch us play.

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