OSC volleyball strives to create a fun atmosphere where one can make new friends, enjoy old friends and have a great time playing volleyball year round. We have six coed leagues of different skill levels (AA, A, BB, B, B1, B2), three women's leagues (A, BB, B), and two men's leagues (4x4 & 6x6).

Our Fall and Spring coed league teams are compiled via a draft, while Summer leagues are Team signup.  Our women's leagues are team signups, and Mens leagues are individual signup & draft.  All levels of players are able to play.  Our leagues are managed by a committee of volunteers, and we seek new individuals to step up & take on the various tasks needed to keep all 11 leagues running smoothly.

For more information about this exciting, competitive and socially active sport, please email volleyball@omahasportsclub.com.

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How are your teams doing? Are you dominating the league? Or is your team still trying to figure out your chemistry? You have several more weeks to play. Pride is always the best prize, but we do have t-shirts for the first and second place teams in each league. So continue to play your hearts out!



1.    Be respectful! Remember as much as we all love volleyball, and our emotions can get away from us, it is just a game and we are here for fun and making new friends. Be respectful and polite to the refs. They are only one person and cannot see everything. Help them out, be honest and keep your cool when you disagree. If you have a problem with the ref, talk to your captain, and they will address the issue. 

2.    Talk, talk, and talk some more. Communication is so important in volleyball. You need to know, who is getting the ball and where the ball is going. Call out ‘mine’ and watch your setter’s signals. Communication is the key to winning games. 

3.    Be positive. Nobody wants to play with a negative person. There will be times when you get down on yourself, learn to let the point go and move on to the next. Pick your team mate up when they are down. Cheer and celebrate together. You win as a team, you lose as a team. 



End of the Season Party! – The volleyball end of the season party will be on Tuesday, April 23rd. Location is to be determined. Keep an eye on the Facebook page for more information. 



OSC summer volleyball is sign up by team. The committee is currently finalizing gyms. Dates have been set. League will begin on Tuesday, May 14thand run for 12 weeks until July 30th. Watch our Facebook page for more details to come. 


OSC Volleyball Committee looking for members:

Did you know that Omaha Sports Club is a non-for-profit organization and the Volleyball Committee is run by volunteers? Volunteers who play volleyball, have full time jobs, families, and multiple responsibilities. The more members that are on the committee, the lighter the load is on everyone and the smoother volleyball runs. We like to have volleyball players from various leagues be involved so all leagues are represented. Skill sets can be anything from writing, making calls, following up on emails from interested players, advertising, recruiting, graphic design, keeping up the Facebook page & OSC website, etc. On average, it could just be one hour of your time a month. We have current committee members who would like to rotate out in the next year and have a break. If we have no volunteers to run Volleyball, unfortunately Volleyball will dissolve within the next year.  Email volleyball@omahasportsclub.com to participate.

 Hope to hear from you soon. 

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