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Omaha Sports Club
Website rules & regulations

WWW.OMAHASPORTSCLUB.COM is the official website of the Omaha Sports Club, (further referred to as “OSC” or “the Club”), 10730 Pacific St, Suite 48, Omaha, NE 68114.

The website shall be used to promote OSC events, activities, and other club opportunities, and the following will provide a guideline for the content & activities of the site.

Only official events, activities, and gatherings wholly sanctioned by the Omaha Sports Club will be promoted via the website. Other events or activities not wholly sponsored or organized by the Club MAY be promoted on the website, subject to approval by the OSC board of directors.

The website will be operated in a positive manner, and will not allow the use of profanity or patently vulgar language on our web pages. This includes the use of language that is racist, hateful, sexual, or obscene in nature. The website will also not allow the use of images containing nudity, sexually explicit content, obscene gestures, violence or illegal activities.

The Omaha Sports Club maintains a database of email addresses for all current members, as well as those of non-members from recent years. These lists will be used solely for the purpose of promoting OSC events & activities, and all such emailings will be done by the webmaster, or designated OSC leaders. These lists will not be sold, given, copied, etc. to any OSC member or 3rd parties.

The club will actively seek & maintain “web link exchanges” with area organizations featuring activities of sporting and/or social activities deemed of potential interest to our members. OSC & the participating organization will mutually place logos & other information within the appropriate areas of their respective websites, for the purpose of expanding interest & promotion of both organizations, and increased “scoring” for both in search engine rankings. All web link exchange relationships are at the discretion of the webmaster (based on CONTENT guidelines above), and upon approval, are subject to a trial period of 90 days, to allow for any objections to be presented, discussed, and for any action taken.

Information on the website will be updated in conjunction with the various events and activities offered by the Club. The webmaster will make best efforts to ensure updating of the site, that that sign-up sheets, event information, applications, statistics, and other items are made available in a timely manner, fully considering the status of the webmaster as a volunteer. The webmaster will maintain 'editorial' control of the website & its content, in addition to grammatical editing of such content, as needed.