Into the Pool League 3 weeks

We just completed week 3 of Pool League, and that gets us to 25% of the 12 week league completed already! I hope you are having fun by now, and have met a few new people. A couple of teams are making up games so I don't have standings for the week yet. 

I have subs lined up for a couple of weeks for the open team spot that became available, but we can always use more subs on our list. Let me know if you have any friends that need to have fun on Thursday nights. Call or text me!

Rule review for this week's topic of BREAKS:

Rule C: After the break, if you make a ball, the table is still "open" so you can use any ball to get another ball in as a legal shot. Cue ball into a stripe to make a solid or vise versa is legal, but if you use this combo to make a ball, CALL YOUR SHOT. The 8 ball can also be used in this open table combo, but if you put it in, you lose! All combos and bank shots need to be called. If a ball is not legally made on the second shot after the break, the opposing team has the same options for shots until the table is not open anymore.

As I verified this week, if you make the 8 ball on the break, spot the 8 ball and the breaker continues play as an open table. If you also scratch, the opponent gets the cue ball in the kitchen. No win or loss for getting the 8 ball in on the break.

If the player breaking does not drive at least 3 balls to the rails or makes a ball, there are 3 options:

  • Re-rack and original breaker tries one more time with opponent approval
  • Opponent may accept the table as it is and play their open table shot
  • Opponent may re-rack and break

If you need a schedule or rules copy, I always carry extras, or I can email you a copy. The easiest way for me is to take a pic with my phone and pull it up if there are questions. My Phone Number and the sub list is on the schedule, too, along with one person from the other teams if you need to arrange another night to play. 

Please be on time, be nice, be safe, and have fun!

Thanks for playing OSC 8 Ball, and remember every Monday is free pool at Big Johns.

Glen Mears

Pool Chair 

402-677-5770 Cell/Text