OSC 8 Ball League Week 6 at Big John’s

Bam! And just like that we are already half way through the league - six weeks down and six to go!

Since we are at the half way point, I think it's time to celebrate a little with pizza and more this coming Thursday, October 29. It's a good reason to get there a little early, because I'm planning on bringing the goods around 6:45.

If all 4 people on a table can agree on the same kind of pizza, just take it to your table (in the name of distancing)and take the leftovers home (if any).

I'm thinking that I'll stop somewhere and pick up something besides pizza, too, for those that can't eat pizza - not sure what it may be - so let me know if you are vegetarian, gluten-free, or dairy-free eating.

And NO, being on a liquid diet doesn't get you free drinks.

I'm trying out the new Omaha Sports Club website and email system here, but it's still best to use my Glen4OSCpool@gmail.com or 402-677-5770 Cell/Text. Pool@OmahaSportsClub.com doesn't come to my phone yet... I'm not smart enough to figure it out and will have to study up.


Rank      Team:                   Points

1              Duane / Terry                    410

2              Steve / Sandy                     407

3              Brian/Eric                          392

4              Gene / Glen M                   389

5              Mike/Jen                             387

6              Glen S/ Ollie                       371

7              Len / Cindy                         363

8              Barb / Ed                            354

9              Nancy/Brandon                351

10           Timothy/Holly                   343

Thanks for playing OSC 8 ball!

See you Thursday,

Glen Mears

OSC Pool Chair

402-677-5770 Cell/Text