OSC Pool League Fall 2020 End of Season and holiday party! Starting again in Jan!

Terry and Duane win the Blue League 2020!
Ed and Jeff are always happy when they are winning.
Tim and Holly dressed for the Holidays, but Alex and Luke are just cool like they come.
Great event for Father and Son teams like Jack and Jerry, hanging out with Joe.
Hey Keith, how are you doing? Thumbs up!
Pool is a great thing for couples to get out and make new friends. Ask Mike and Jen!
It is a thinking man's game. Right Len?
Pizza, Wings, and Sushi. Food for everyone at the End of Season Party!
See how happy you can be playing 8 ball with your spouse?
4 Couples signed up! You should too!
Steve makes it looks easy.
Now Vatan has the Christmas Season Spirit! Nice reindeer sweaters are hard to find, and the food was a big hit. Better get here early on party night...
Tyler and Jesse win the Red League! Nice job guys!