Pool League 2 weeks in!

Hey. thanks for signing up for the Omaha Sports Club Pool League!
We ended up with 22 teams this session, so a pretty darn good turnout.
I hope you are having fun already, and maybe meeting a few new people. If you see someone you don't know, introduce yourself. It's no fun playing if you can't call your opponent by name and make some small talk while shooting. 
With 2 weeks behind us, I'm starting to use handicap this week, and as always the standings will be on each score sheet. 
I plan on emailing the table assignments on Wednesdays, but if you need to know who you are going to play the next week or farther out, just call, text, or email me.  Remember to get a sub if you can't make it one nite, AND let your partner know, too..... You can also arrange another night to play if your opponent agrees, and Big Johns will let you use a table if you let them know you are making up league. We have a SUB LIST, but any club member can sub, and any non-member can sub one time. Wanna get on the list?

  • You can BRING FOOD IN or have it delivered-Big John's is cool that way.
  • Big John's has FREE POOL on MONDAY nights, too.
  • Our server is usually DANA, and the bartender is usually MASON. Be nice cuz they give us a great deal on tables for the league.

Be Fair, be nice, and have some fun on Thursday nights - play pool and be cool.
See you soon!

Glen Mears

OSC Pool Chair

402-677-5770 Cell/Text