Softball Update

Softball is back and we are having a good start with a full team of anxious players.  We play at Kelley Field on 124th and Fort Street on Sunday nights so feel free to come out and watch and cheer us on if you want.  We will try to keep the upcoming schedule posted on this website or you can go to the website and search under adult softball for team name “Double Six Pack” for Sunday night coed softball.

One of the great things about playing sports in the Omaha Sports Club is you always get the chance to play with new people and meet more new people.  We have a great group of softball players of all skill levels and we are determined to have our share of the fun, even against some of the teams that have been playing together for years.   We try to give each player a chance to play different positions on the field to see where they feel the most comfortable playing and to see where they can most help the team.  Even after suffering a finger injury, we have one player that is determined to still come and help the team by stepping up and taking charge of keep the score book (that’s dedication to the team). 

Our current schedule has us playing every Sunday evening thru July 11th, (not on May 30th or July 4th) on fields 5, 6, or 8 with game start times being 6:30 to 9:30.  Once we complete the regular scheduled games, we will have a season end tournament.  If you are a softball player (or interested in becoming an OSC softball player), stay tuned to this website and watch for upcoming information regarding when the fall softball signups will start.

You can always send your questions/comments to

Thanks and enjoy the summer.