Spring Pool ’21 Final Night


CONGRATULATIONS Bill and Vatan Red Division Champs!


Now THAT'S how to end a session of pool league. Down to the last night and the last game. Great job Bill and Vatan, coming from second place to TIE for first in the last game, THEN winning the "Best of 3" game playoff in game 3 for the Red Division Championship! Jesse and Tyler are competitors, and both teams had great seasons. 
Jack and Jerry stayed in 3rd place by winning by 3 balls over Ed and Jeff, just enough to let Scott and Gigi slide into 4th thanks to an ERO by Scott in the 7th game. That great event knocked Doug and Jake down a couple notches in the standings, but what can you do when your team only gets a single turn? Good job Scott!  (Earned Run Out.. as in you ran your full suit+8 from a full table of balls in a single first inning of course.)


Sorry, your pic should be just as big as the Red Div Champs...I'm not sure what happened.

CONGRATULATIONS Len and Cindy Blue Division Champions!

 Great job Len and Cindy, coming from fourth place to take the Blue Division Championship.  Over half of the division had a chance to take the Championship home on the last night. That's exactly how one great night can change the world, and Len and Cindy will reap the rewards of OSC Pool Champions!

Our last night of Omaha Sports Club Pool League was April 8th and with the close standings for the league championships, it was an exciting night. We also had a party on the last night with Pizza from Mama's and Roman Coin, Chicken from Raising Cane's, and Sushi from the gas station. Woohoo!

Thanks to everyone that played this season! I think it went well - It's a good group, and I hope to see you back in the Fall (I'll email everyone a reminder in August, and we will start again in Sept).    MAYBE we can get a short summer league going, so watch for an email when I get some stuff figured out....

Stay on your game by playing FREE POOL for everyone at BIG JOHN'S on Monday nights all Summer!
Be cool, play pool !

Glen Mears

Omaha Sports Club Pool Chair

402-677-5770 Cell / Text