Sweater Day 2020 Results

First off, the golf course awarded prizes to flag winners on a “you can only win one prize” basis (without my approval). I’m in the process of getting prize money to the correct winners.

Hole #1 Closest 2nd-Shot- Steve Heinz
Hole #2 Longest Drive, Red Tees- Deaun Trayer
Hole #3 Closest Tee Shot, Red Tees- Hazel Arnott
Hole #4 Closest 3rd-Shot- Eric Mears
Hole #5 Closest Tee Shot- Brandon Jensen
Hole #6 Longest Putt, Ladies- Dee Bigge
Hole #7 Shortest Drive Used- Kaiya Mears
Hole #8 Longest Putt- Brad Coe
Hole #9 Closest 2nd-Shot- Pat Martinson
Hole #10 Longest Drive, White Tees- Brian Barton
Hole #11 Closest 2nd-Shot, Ladies- Cindy Wieck
Hole #12 Closest 3rd-Shot- Frank Secora
Hole #13 Closest Tee Shot- Brad Coe
Hole #14 Longest Putt- Bob Swatek
Hole #15 Closest Tee Shot, White Tees- Gene Hug
Hole #16 Longest Drive, Gold Tees- Lou Secora
Hole #17 Longest Putt, Men- Mike Richards
Hole #18 Closest 2nd-Shot Men- Brad & Candi Coe

If you remember correctly we had 2-Flights with payouts to 1st thru 4th place. The golf course made a small mistake but it didn’t change the results.

First Flight

First Place- Brad & Candi Coe, Glen Schwanz & Dee Bigge (65)
*Winner of First Place with a Birdie on the 2nd Handicap Hole #8
Second Place- Carol Johnson, Frank Secora, Ron Policky & Lou Secora (65)
*Winner of Second Place with Birdie on the 3rd Handicap Hole #13
Third Place- Len & Cindy Wieck, Brandon Jensen & Steve Felt (65)Fourth Place- Mike & Saima Richards, Nancy Gilliland & Steve Heinz (66)
*Scored a Bogey on the 17th Handicap Hole #15 to miss a 65

Others in the First Flight
Glen & Kaiya Mears, Eric Mears & Jason Mears (68)
Jeff Kurtz, Deaun Trayer, Sue Moskovits & Hazel Arnott (69)
Brian Barton, Gene Hug, Greg Carlberg & Barb Fulbright (69)

Second Flight

First Place- Kevin & Cindee Adams, Jimmy Graves & Kelly Rosburg (73)
*Winner of First Place with a Par on the 2nd Handicap Hole #8
Second Place- Bobbie Greenspan, Rich Feekin, Sandy Martin & Pat Runge (73)
Third Place- Bob & Carol Janes and Ollie & Marian Pierce (75)
Fourth Place- Randy Smith, Bob Swatek, Lois Dorn & Pat Martinson (76)

Others in the Second Flight:
Karen & Dan Murray, Jared Rutledge & Chris King (76)
Dave Billig, Deb Bylund, Tim & Rita White (77)
Bob Beck, Sue Spencer, Sandy Luedtke & Steve Trouba (77)
*Wins Last Place with a Bogey on the 17th Handicap Hole #15

Thanks for signing up and playing this year, it was a very memorable year. Special Thanks to Barb Fulbright for bringing individually wrapped cookies to our event and Congratulations to Cindy Wieck for her Hole-in-One on Hole #15