"How much is an OSC Membership?"

$35/year, expires 365 Days after the date your sign up” (sign up on February 8th, renew next year on February 8th).  Membership is required to participate in all OSC sports & activities, with the exception of certain social events which are specifically announced prior.

"I'm logged in to the site with my username & password, but I cannot register for a league. What's up with that?"

Your Membership is not current.  Purchase or renew your membership first, then you'll be able to see (& sign-up for) other sport/activities.

"I forgot my username and/or password”

Go to http://www.omahasportsclub.com/membership-login/, then select the forgot my username or password link.   If this doesn't work, email membership@omahasportsclub.com.

“I never get any emails from Omaha Sports Club. Shouldn’t I…?”

Go to the Edit Profile page and make sure your email address is correct.  Also, make sure your email program is not blocking emails from omahasportsclub.com.

"I'm trying to pay for my sport & membership in the same transaction, but it won't let me… I'm not a member yet..."

Sorry for the inconvenience, but this is by design:  Non-current members will need to do their membership transaction first, and then return to the Store.  Once a member, you will be able to see all sport/activities & can sign up freely.