After 7 weeks, more pool stuff.

Thanks for your patience in the serving line at the mid-season party, and I hope you found something you liked. 

Pizza - From two different places for variety (Varsity and Sortinos), and we still had leftovers.

Boneless Chicken Wings from Pizza Hut, and Sushi from Teriyaki Express.

I know, Sushi by definition is raw fish, but that's not true anymore! Sushi Rolls are more veggies and some cooked seafood now. The rolls we had Thursday were California Rolls, Dragon Rolls, and two others, and NONE of them had raw fish in them. You can get them with raw fish, but I didn't do it this time. It is usually Salmon or Tuna around here, unless you go somewhere nicer. I'm glad some people were adventurous enough to try something new!

Thanks for playing OSC Pool League, and standings are below. Remember that Monday night is free pool at Big John's!

Dana is usually our server, and Mason is the Manager and on the bar most nights. Emmy is Dana's sister and works the bar sometimes, too. Just a little extra info for's better when you can call them by name.

See you Thursday!

Glen MearsOSC

Pool Chair

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