Cricket League Spring 2023

Darts are set for late January 2023

The OSC Dart league is set to begin on Jan 23rd at The White House Bar & Grill at 77th & Cass st.

Our Monday night Cricket league is made up of 4 throwers per team that will begin on January 23rd at 7pm. This league is handicapped so please guess at your ability level as best you can. If you have a good guess of your marks per round in Cricket, then please share that on your application. I have 25 years of OSC dart statistic charts, so I can help many throwers with finding a previous average. League will be limited to the first 16 players to sign up on the website and pay in the OSC Store. If we get heavy demand for Cricket, I could expand the league to 24 players (using both upstairs and downstairs boards). Cost is $28 per player for 10 weeks of play. Deadline to sign up in Jan.15.

Hope to see you at the throw line!


Dave Billig