Dart League News Jan. 2021!

After a bit of drama from places willing to host OSC Darts for 2021, we have bar to play in: Starskys Bar at 78th and F street. We had 2 other places withdraw from consideration due to issues with their Monday night's being too busy and Covid still a major concern. Best news on Starskys is that both restroom issues have been solved! Good news on them is that they really have good food and fair prices.

We will accept applications for both Sunday 501 and Monday Cricket until February 7th. Both leagues will be limited to only 16 players each because of Covid concerns. Masks will be required to enter. All players will need to be current OSC members. https://www.omahasportsclub.com/ If you haven't signed into the new web site yet, please enter your old login name but then click on “forgot password” and follow the instructions to get logged in (trust me)...

Each league will cost $25 per player. Payment can only be accepted on line at the above web address. Please consider being a Captain as that helps the bottom line and me personally. If either league comes up short of the 16 sign ups needed, refunds will be issued. A team draft will happen 2 weeks prior to league starting. Text me at 402-203-6098 with questions or issues. I hope you are like me and want to get out and just DO something to feel normal again!

See you at the Throw Lines!

Dave Billig