OSC 8 Ball Thursdays after 9 weeks!

This week (11/19) will be position night, and I'll send the table assignments under separate cover.

Next week is Thanksgiving, so NO PLAY on THANKSGIVING, but we have two weeks left after the holiday. Have a Happy Holiday with your fams!

Big John's still has free pool on Monday Nights, so meet some of your new friends from OSC here or just get a few people to play again that might be interested in the Spring League starting in January! We were short 4 teams from having a full league this session....so bring friends! Or maybe people you can beat at pool to help your own team's standings....

The Omaha Sports Club Annual Meeting is canceled because of the rising COVID-19 cases in the state making the social crowd mandate at restaurants too low to invite all of the members, so watch Facebook for updates. 

VOTING FOR OFFICERS for the Omaha Sports Club Executive positions will have an online option this year. Please check OSC's Facebook page for instructions of how to log in to the NEW Omaha Sports Club WEBSITE. You should see an announcement soon on when to VOTE and who the candidates will be. Make YOUR VOTE COUNT! Please take the time to LOG IN soon, even if just to make sure it works.... we will also be using it for Pool registrations in January.

Be safe, play nice, and have fun!

See you Thursday!

Glen Mears


402-677-5770 Cell/Text