OSC Westwood League – Fun Night – 2 Person Scramble

The OSC Thursday night league at Westwood ended the season with a two-person scramble. We played with our partner in the league.

The results are as follows:

First place – with a 32 was Steve Trouba and Gene Hug (subbing for Linda Svatora)

Second place -with a 33 and a tiebreaker was Bobbie Greenspan and Janie Harting. 

We had 9 Flag prizes with the following winners:

Hole 1- Longest Putt – Dwight Peterson

Hole 2-Hit Bridge on the drive but not in the water -No winner

Hole 3-Closest Chip -Jane Pruch

Hole 4-Shortest Putt -Peg Nolan

Hole 5-Closet Tee Shot-Gene Hug

Hole 6-Longest Drive in the fairway from the Red Tees -Jane Pruch

Hole 7-Longest Drive in the fairway from the White Tees -Gene Hug

Hole 8-Shortest Drive Used -Deb Davidson

Hole 9-Longest Putt -Jane Pruch

We went to Finnegan’s for supper after and to receive the prizes which were donated by Patrick Casey and Cindee Adams.

Everyone had a fun time and an enjoyable season.

League Manager -Cindee Adams