2022 Golf League Results

2022 Golf Leagues have come to a close and our banquet is over. We enjoyed a night out at Thunderhead Brewery, ($100 for room rental) and had Hy-Vee Cater our dinner. Each of the League managers were given a small cash award for a few drinks for all their hard work. I know the work required in being league manager and I’m thankful for their leadership.

They are: Bob Hartung at Spring Lake GC, Glen Mears at DodgeRiverside GC, 

Pat Martinson at Tara Hills GC, Kevin Adams at Tregaron GC, 

Cindee Adams at Westwood GC and Mary Ann Soltis at Elmwood GC.

The Monday Morning at Spring Lake winners were:

First Place: Ron Policky, 

Second Place: Kevin Adams, 

Third Place: Larry Tjaden, 

Fourth Place: Pat Martinson, 

Fifth Place: Sandy Martin, 

Kevin Adams (Eagle on #5), Most Birdies: Bob Hartung and Mark Wardian (6).

The Tuesday Night at Dodge Riverside winners were:

First Place; Frank Secora & Steve Johnson,

Second Place; Duane TenEck & Bill Kline,

Third Place: Gene Hug & Carol Johnson,

Low Gross: Brian Barton (38) 2nd place Low Gross: Frank Secora (42)

Low Net: Duane TenEck (27) 2nd place Low Net: Greg Carlberg (33).

The Wednesday Morning at Tara Hills winners were:

First Place: Pat Martinson, Sandy Luedtke & Glen Schwanz.

First Place: Dick Uran, Marian Pierce & Sandy Martin.

Third Place: Gordon Harting, Janie Harting & Chris King.

Low Gross: Russ Albers (42)

Low Net: Chris King (22)

Most Birdies: Randy Smith (3)

The Wednesday Night at Tregaron winners were:

First Place: Josh Sandmeier & Kevin Adams.

Second Place: Steve Heinz & Candi Coe

Third Place: Sue Moskovits & Hazel Arnott

Low Gross: Steve Heinz (38)

Low Net: Josh Sandmeier (25)

The Thursday Night at Westwood winners were:

First Place: Steve Trouba & Linda Svatora

Second Place: Janie Harting & Bobbie Greenspan

Third Place: Dwight Peterson & Gordon Harting

Low Gross: Joe Henk (29)

Low Net: Deb Davidson (18)

The Friday Night at Elmwood winners were:

First Place: Dick Uran, Bobbie Greenspan & Tom Kopfle

Second Place: Gene Hug, Sharalyn Clark & Doug Heimes

Third Place: Pat Martinson, Virginia Patchin & Jenifer Dahir

Fourth Place: Tom Kock, Bri Dahlgren & Sandy Martin

Low Gross: Eric Mears (34)

Low Net: Virginia Patchin & Bri Dahlgren (26)

Eagles: Kurt Beisch - Birdies: Brian Barton & Eric Mears (6)