Sweater Day Golf Scramble

On Sunday, October 2nd we played our Sweater Day Golf Event (our last scramble of the year). Our group has been playing with 8-9 teams per event so it made sense to try to play at a 9-hole course. We tried playing at an 18-hole golf course but golf courses are reluctant to close the golf course down for 9 teams unless we play a tee-time start, but then there’s a lot of waiting at the end (I’ve mentioned all this before). 

While in Lincoln on business one day I drove by this 9-hole golf course just off the interstate and realized I have never played it and I gave them a call. When I spoke to the pro I mentioned who I represented and what our group was looking for, asked to check his calendar and booked our event there (and never played it yet).

In late August I made a tee time and asked Greg Carlberg if he wanted to drive out to Lincoln to play it and we did. The Golf Course is called “The Fairways at Lincoln”… and I was quite excited to have the sports club play our event there. By the reaction, everyone liked it.

We had 18 flag holes (first round were women, second round were men). The winners were: Sue Moskovits, Saima Rahmanzai (4), Deb Bylund, Janie Harting and Carol Johnson.

The men winners were: Dave Hiatt (3), Eric Mears (2), Steve Heinz, Jason Mears and Mike Richards. Some confusion since there were front and back nine flags on each hole but it worked out. Flight winners were: 

First Place-First Flight: Steve Heinz, Sam Whilding, Mike Richards & Saima Rahmanzai. (58)

Second Place-First Flight: Gene Hug, Barb Fulbright, Greg Carlberg & Dave Hiatt. (60)

Third Place-First Flight: Kevin & Cindee Adams, Sue Moskovits & Deaun Trayer. (66)

Fourth Place-First Flight: Brad & Candi Coe, Glen Schwanz & Dee Bigge. (67)

First Place-Second Flight: Glen & Kaiya Mears, Jason Mears and Eric Mears (71)

Second Place-Second Flight: Frank Secora, Carol Johnson, Gordan & Janie Harting (71)

(1st & 2nd place tie breaker on the second handicap hole) 3-vs-4

Third Place-Second Flight: Randy Smith, Marian Pierce, Bobbie Greenspan & Rich Feekin (73)

Fourth Place-Second Flight: Bob Swatek, Lois Dorn, Dick Uran & Tom Epps (75)

High Score: Tim & Rita White, Jimmy Graves & Deb Bylund. ( ? )

Brad & Candi

Thank you all for signing up to play in the golf events this year, we couldn’t do it without you.