2023 Sweater Day Golf Results

It was a great time yesterday for our season end golf event (Sweater Day) at Lake Ridge CC, although a sweater was not needed. The weather was perfect (although a couple of holes were mushy from yesterday's rain. Many Thanks to Glen Mears for handing out prizes and Len Weick for introducing me to this course many years ago. 

Our long putt Challenge was without a winner with $19 in the pot for our next event. I wanted to take pictures of each of the groups but was overwhelmed with late golfers. Here are the results:

Longest Putt (Ladies) - Sharalyn Clark

Closest 4th Shot (NOT a birdie) - Virginia Patchin

Closest 2nd Shot - Stephen Felt

Longest Putt (Ladies) - Dawn Bailey

Longest Drive in fairway (Ladies) - Joyce Stoural

Closest Tee Shot (Ladies) - Deaun Trayer

Longest Putt - Greg Carlberg

Closest Tee Shot (Ladies) - Kaiya Oleson Mears

Closest 2nd Shot - Greg Carlberg

Longest Putt (Men) - Dave Billig

Closest 4th Shot - Gene Hug

Longest Drive in fairway (Silver Tees) Brad Coe

Longest Putt (Men) - Greg Carlberg

Longest Drive in fairway (White Tees) - Zach McIntyre

Closest Tee Shot (Silver Tees) - Brad Coe

Longest Putt - Brian Barton

Closest Tee Shot (White Tees) - Dave Billig

Closest 2nd Shot - Alvin Harman Jr

1st Place - First Flight: Zach McIntyre, Jim Mailhot, Joyce Stoural & Nancy Gilliland (62)

2nd Place - First Flight: Brian Barton, Virginia Patchin, Robbie Barton & Greg Carlberg (64) first playoff hole

3rd Place - First Flight: Glen & Kaiya Mears, Steve Heinz & Gene Hug (64)

1st Place - Second Flight: Lenny & Cindy Wieck, Steve Felt & Brandon Jenson (66)

2nd Place - Second Flight: Brad & Candi Coe, Frank Secora & Carol Johnson (67)

3rd Place - Second Flight: Rich Feekin, Bobbie Greenspan, Deaun Trayer & Duane TenEyck (70)

1st Place - Third Flight: Alvin Harman Jr, Sharalyn Clark, Bri Dahlgren & Matt Beckman (71) first playoff hole

2nd Place - Third Flight: Bob Swatek, Lois Dorn, Dick Uran & Pat Martinson (71) 

3rd Place - Third Flight: Dawn Bailey, Deb Bylund, Jimmy Graves & Dave Billig (73)