August Scramble Results

After looking thru the scorecards from our scramble yesterday at Syracuse CC; I must give credit where credit is due. First Place in the First Flight was Zach McIntyre’s team with Jim Mailhot, Joyce Stoural and Kevin Wills shot really well (63)  With 7 total birdies: (2 birdies on the front and 5 birdies on the back). Good Job! 

Second Place in the Second Flight was Nancy Gilliland’s team (made up with individual sign-ups) Jimmy Graves, Duane TenEck & Steve Felt had 5 birdies (they birdied #2 hole twice) they shot a (68).

Third Place: Rich Feekin’s team with Jason Stewart, Bobbie Greenspan & Darwin Barker had 2 birdies and shot a 71. 

There were 2 teams that shot 73 that put them into the first flight.

Fourth Place: Glen & Kaiya Mears, Hazel Arnot and Steve Heinz (73)

Fourth Place: Brian Barton, Virginia Patchin, Tanner Skrove & Robbie Barton shooting a (73) also.

First Place in the Second Flight was Sharalyn Clark, Alvin Harman, Bri Dahlgren & Scott Thompson (74) and one birdie.

Second Place in the Second Flight was Brad & Candi Coe with Ollie & Marian Pierce (76) and 2 birdies

Others playing that had equal fun were:

Sue Moskovits, Deaun Trayer, Greg Carlberg & Gene Hug (76) and 1 birdie.

Pat Martinson, Dick Uran, Lois Dorn & Bob Swatek (78).

There was one hole that brought confusion to some teams: The #5 hole Par 3. This hole had 2 tee box areas. When I played this hole 7 weeks ago the Men’s tees were on the left (215 yds) and the ladies tees were on the right (near the trees). At the scramble: the ladies tees were in the same place but men’s tees were behind the trees (161 yds). At the scramble our team (and others) searched and found the different white marker location while other teams played the card tees at 215 yds as though the white marker was missing. Sorry for the confusion. 

Flag winners were: Nancy Gilliland (4), Scott Thompson (3), Joyce Stoural (3), Virginia Patchin, Jason Stewart, Steve Heinz, Tanner Skrove, Zach McIntyre, Alvin Harman, Sue Moskovits & Rich Feekin.

The red tees weren’t giving too much of an advantage over white tees, but the Seniors were given none. I wish we could give senior advantages to both men and women, there are average seniors and there are super star seniors... and giving seniors an advantage only helps the super star seniors.. there needs to be “handicapped" senior tees where the super star seniors don’t get any advantage (my opinion). That would lead into extra calculations and rating players and may not be worth the trouble.

Last thing; After thinking about this I feel I need to change something: Syracuse Country Club donated 2 free passes, with golf and cart, for 2 couples that should be awarded to those that played in the scramble (rather than to other players that play in a future scramble) so they can be enjoyed by someone who played in the August scramble (non-members not included). 

I will have an impartial drawing (and videotape it) and announce winners on Tuesday night. 

The “One Dollar-One Putt” putting competition had no winners and will be carried over onto the next scramble with a $15 pot.